LESLI:Statement Necklace

LESLI:Statement Necklace

Hi everyone,

Finals are over and we are super excited to get a little break from school. And I’m looking forward to it. I’m going to enjoy sleeping in and catching up on my Netflix.

As for my outfit I wanted to finish my last day of school with a bang! I been wanting to wear my overalls for a long time but I wasn’t sure how to style them. I finally decided not to think about it and just throw on clothes right before I leave. I was so happy that it worked out for me. I loved this outfit.

wap sbobet I also added this amazing necklace to make my outfit stand out. Adding a statement necklace always makes an outfit seem more put together and fashionable.




The statement necklace that I decided to wear for this outfit is from Mirina Collections. They have some amazing pieces on their website, go check it out and use our coupon code: jackeline2 and receive 20% off site wide. The specific necklace that I’m wearing is called GIA clink on the link below and get your very own.

Mirina Collections- GIA

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