Monthly Mani: Favorite Fall Treat

Monthly Mani: Favorite Fall Treat

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to another monthly mani. This month’s theme is Favorite Fall Treats. We had so many treats to choose from but in the end we went with our favorite treat, which we happen to enjoy in different ways, we choose coffee. We both LOVE coffee. Hot or cold, doesn’t matter we like to Capsa susun it all year round.

So we decided on a pretty easy nail design that you can wear all year long. We drew small coffee cups. One cup is a normal cup of coffee and one is a Starbucks cup look a like.

Step #1 Grab all the colors you like and a small tool to make the circle and straw.

step 1

Step #2 Paint your base coat.

step 2

Step #3 Draw small cups on your nails. I drew a small cup with a handle on my index finger and a bigger cup on my rig finger.

step 04
Step #4 I grabbed the green color and drew a small circle in the middle of one nail and a straw.

step 008

Step #5 Grab your light brown color and make an oval shape at the top of the cup on your index

step 004
And there you have it. A super easy and fun way to show your love for coffee.
Thanks for stopping by!

Jacki & Lesli

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